4 Ways to Install WordPress Plugin (Beginner’s Guide)

WordPress is a complex content management system (CMS) that offers many features and possibilities. Here you will learn 4 ways to install WordPress plugin for better use of this system.

Before you start installing WordPress plugins you need to have WordPress installed and functioning. Check our guide on how to install WordPress.

There are different ways of installing a WordPress plugin. In a more general approach you can install a plugin to your blog in 4 ways:

Installing through WordPress.

  • Search and Install using the WordPress Plugin Directory.
  • Install Using WordPress Plugin Upload System for Plugins Downloaded From 3rd Party Sites.

Installing through your WebHost.

  • Upload and Install using Cpanel / Plesk
  • Upload and Install using FTP

Install using the WordPress Plugin Directory

WordPress offers a free Marketplace for plugins that allow developers to make their plugins available for WordPress users around the world. With WordPress Plugin Directory you can install any plugin automatically by searching for the plugin Name and installing it right away.

To install go into your blog’s Dashboard and click on Plugins > Add New. Then type the name of the plugin on the search box by the top right of the screen. When the results show the plugin you want to install simply click on the button “Install Now”.

installing duplicator

After you install the plugin you need to activate it to start using it. There are two ways in which you can activate a WordPress plugin. You can click on the “Activate Button” as soon as the installation finishes or you can go to the Plugins menu and activate from there.

Most plugins have a settings page. The next step would be to find the settings page of the plugin and start configuring the plugin according to your site needs. Most people A website with well-configured plugins is a force to be reckoned with.

Install Using WordPress Plugin Upload System for Plugins Downloaded From 3rd Party Sites.

There are many companies that develop their own plugins and they don’t necessarily make them available through the WordPress plugin repository. Most of those cases are Premium and Paid plugins that the user purchases or download directly from 3rd party sites.

When you download a plugin from other sites you will end up with a zip file. To install the plugin is very simple and the steps are the following:

To install go into your blog’s Dashboard and click on Plugins > Add New. Click on the button Upload Plugin, then choose your plugin zip file.

wordpress plugin upload


Install WordPress Plugin using Cpanel / Plesk or FTP

This is another method to install WordPress plugins downloaded from 3rd party websites using your WebHost with Cpanel / Plesk file manager or upload it via FTP. For this method, you will need access to your web-host panel or FTP details.

To install using this method simply go to your WordPress installation directory, then go to the folders wp-content > plugins, upload your plugin zip file there and then simply go back to the WordPress Installed Plugins page and activate the plugin.

This is a very useful method for those that cannot install plugins using the WordPress dashboard, either through server reactions or access restrictions.

Overview: How to install a WordPress Plugin.

Installing WordPress plugins is something you will be doing constantly if you plan you use WordPress, there are so many ways to do it. If you found this tutorial helpful please don’t forget to share it and spread it.

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