Xiaomi: How to activate Super Wallpapers with or without MIUI 12?

With its new Android MIUI 12 overlay, Xiaomi has put the emphasis on the animations of its interface. One of the killer features is Super Wallpapers, Dynamic Wallpapers. Here is a quick tutorial to activate Xiaomi Super Wallpapers even if you don’t have MIUI 12 or a Xiaomi smartphone.

MIUI 12 Super Wallpapers are live wallpapers that zoom in dramatically on a planet seen from space. You have the choice between three visuals, one of Earth (Super Earth), one of Mars (Super Mars), and one of Saturn (Super Saturn).

When you wake up the locked screen, the animation starts with a close-up of the planet seen from space. Once the screen is unlocked an animation starts a progressive zoom on each planet as you arrive on the home screen of your smartphone.

For the moment, only a handful of smartphones offer this function natively under MIUI 12 and this was not the case with Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro for example. But there is a fairly simple method (based on APK to download and Google Wallpaper) that allows you to enjoy it on almost any Xiaomi smartphone or even Android.

How to install Super Wallpaper without MIUI 12 or without Xiaomi smartphone?

XDA-Developers site has shared a port of MIUI 12 Super Wallpapers made by one of the developers of its linuxct community. Here is how to do t yourself.

1. Download the APK of Super Wallpapers

You can therefore start by downloading the relevant APK files, choosing the Super Wallpaper that you want to apply: Super-Earth, Super Mars, or Super Saturn. Once downloaded, simply install the file through your smartphone’s native file manager.

2. Download and install the Google Wallpapers app from the Play Store

Once the APKs have been downloaded and installed, the Google Wallpapers application must be installed. Whether on Xiaomi or any other smartphone, the native wallpaper application is not enough to activate these live wallpapers that are Super Wallpapers.

You can download the Google Wallpapers app for free from the Play Store.

3. Apply Super Wallpaper from Google Wallpaper

Once in the Google Wallpapers application, go to the “Live Wallpapers” section, you should then find the Xiaomi Super Wallpapers that you previously installed during the first step of this tutorial.

You just have to set the Super Wallpaper of your choice and apply it to the lock screen AND the home screen.


4. What if it didn’t work?

This step may not work the first time and the wallpaper will not launch animation once applied. To remedy this, go to your system personalization settings and apply one of the default dynamic wallpapers.

Normally, the default Live Wallpaper should work fine. Then repeat the previous step (apply the Xiaomi Super Wallpaper chosen via Google Wallpaper) and everything should work.

What do you think of this short tutorial? Have you had any issues with any of the steps in this guide? Do not hesitate to give me feedback in the comments!

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