How to activate dark mode on Windows 10?


Windows 10 users are also entitled to a “Night” mode (Dark Mode). More and more widespread, this dark mode on windows 10 is not only an aesthetic choice: it is above all a way to save battery and avoid “blue light”, known to disrupt sleep cycles.

Find out how to activate this mode in a few clicks and instantly revamp most of your software with our tutorial dedicated to teaching you how to organize your workstation on Windows 10.

Turn on dark mode on Windows 10

  1. Open the start windows by clicking on the Sart button or Win+X then go to Settings.
  2. Click on the Personalization menu.
  3. Click on Colours in the left column then select Dark.

Dark mode changes the skin of Windows 10, its windows, and all Windows apps. Some third-party software is also concerned with this change, such as Chrome or Firefox. For others, like Word or Excel, a dark mode is available, but it must be activated through the software settings.

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