How to install Ubuntu on a USB stick?


Just like Windows 10, Ubuntu can be installed on any PC. For that, all you need is a USB stick and a few minutes of preparation. We will see in this tutorial how to proceed to create this famous installation key.

Create a bootable Ubuntu USB stick with UNetbootin

  1. First, download the UNetbootin utility Here.
  2. Also, download an Ubuntu image in ISO format. For this tutorial, we will be installing version 18.04 LTS, but any other version will work too.
  3. Launch the UNetbootin utility, it does not require installation. Don’t forget to plug in your USB key, it must be at least 8 GB. Note that the USB will be formatted during the operation, don’t forget to save your data!install-ubuntu-on-usb-3
  4. In the interface, select DiskImage. Check that the menu is on ISO.
  5. Click on the box with the three dots to the right of the UNetbootin interface. Choose the previously downloaded ISO image. It is located by default in your Downloads folder. Then click on Open.
  6. Note the change in the UNetbootin interface. Your ISO image is well identified by the software.
  7. Before launching the installation on the USB stick, check that it is correctly selected in the menu at the bottom of the screen. BE CAREFUL not to select Hard disk, you will erase your current operating system!
  8. When you are ready, press OK. Your key will be formatted, then receive the Ubuntu files. A progress bar will indicate the status of the installation. Do not touch anything and do not remove the USB key.
  9. When the key preparation is complete, click Done/Exit.

Your bootable USB drive is now ready. You can install Ubuntu on any PC or try a live USB version.

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