How to use Apple Pay? 5 Easy Steps

Do you always have your phone with you, but tend to forget your wallet? Or, simply, do you want to pay for your purchases faster at the checkout? Apple Pay is for you! And once configured, the service and its features on the iPhone are very easy to use.

Apple Pay has many advantages. Configured on an iPhone, it does not only allow you to pay for your purchases in all stores that support contactless payment, but also to pay for your apps on the App Store, your music on iTunes, and much more online.

Use Apple Pay in stores

  1. Go to a store checkout, and ask to pay by card

  2. If the brand accepts payment by contactless card, use your iPhone.
  3. On an iPhone 6 through X, double-click the Home button on your iPhone. For iPhone X and later, double press the power button on the
  4. Choose the card you want to use from the list that appears

  5. Simply put your iPhone on the payment terminal
  6. Your purchase is now complete, and a notification will appear on your iPhone screen.


Use Apple Pay online

  1. On a compatible website, fill your shopping cart and proceed to checkout.
  2. When choosing your payment method, select Apple Pay.
  3. On iPhone 6 to X, authenticate using your finger on the Home button. For iPhone X and later, use Face ID.
  4. Your purchase is settled, and a notification will alert you on your iPhone screen

Convenient: unlike bank cards with contactless payment, Apple Pay has no payment limit. You can therefore pay much higher amounts – within the limits of the bank authorizations you have. All purchases made by Apple Pay are secure and encrypted. They are stored on your phone and are never shared with Apple.


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